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Sports Stadium Waste Management Specialist

Shank Wakefield is the proud waste management service that is partnered with a majority of sports grounds across the United Kingdom.

Our biggest portfolio covers that of the UK cricketing body. We have over 20 cricketing grounds on our books and we maintain a weekly service before and after events that take place throughout a season.

We share with you our triumphs in this field of waste service.

Changing the environment within sport

Like many stadia throughout the country, cricket can have a large impact on the environment this can come through using non-renewable energy to light the grounds of a late evening match or through mismanagement of recycling general waste.

With Shank Wakefield disposal company, we set out a two-tier program that helps not only collect waste but to implement new environmentally friendly procedures into the business to help reduce their carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly in their service to the local area.

The regrowth of our business

Shank Wakefield started as a landscape management service bank in 2003, maintaining council property, tree excavation, forestry and plenty more. This was long before we joined up with Co2 Sense back in 2011. Shank Wakefield has a long understanding of environmental services and how important they are when carried out correctly. We opened our first recycling plant in Grimsby once all the fisheries we closed down and land ownership became more affordable. Our plants grew across the north of Great Britain and in with further investment in 2013 we expanded our fleet of waste vehicles on the road, which we hope by 2035 will be fully zero-emission.

With our management office now in Leeds, we can control a huge area of the north and offer our services out to the best sporting grounds in the UK.

Why Sports Stadiums?

Sporting events dominate our landscape and though they may just look like secluded areas of land, they generate huge amounts of energy that would surprise many of those that attend.

Some of the major football and cricket grounds in the UK, burn up more energy in a single weekend than what a single house would use in a year.

This is why we focus on sporting stadia because the demands on the planet are so huge and we’re just talking about the UK. This is a global issue, every country, every state, and town, there are these huge problems that need to have the right investment and services that help stem the tide of damaging emissions given off by often out-of-date systems.

Changes with the sports arenas

We have been involved in many changes within the sporting environment and none more so than with the biggest UK cricket grounds.

From the simple management tasks of ground waste and disposal recycling to renewable energy solutions, we have help cut emissions by 15% in some larger grounds and 35% in the more local grounds run predominately by the councils.


Our work at Shank Wakefield is in sponsored partnership with they are associated with all sporting grounds in the UK and are able to sponsor our company, as well as back the interest of gamblers that wish to pursue the best in online cricket services.

Here are some testimonials of the stadiums we work alongside with and who are in partnership with, who are the #1 comparison site in India for cricket fans.

Edgbaston Stadium

“Here at Birmingham’s Edgbaston Stadium, we have worked with Shank Wakefield for the past 5-years and in that time, they have taught us so much with how to cut out emissions down and develop new greener approaches to how we run the ground and service the teams and supporters that come every week during the cricket season. So impressed were we with the service, we actively got one of our partners to sponsor their service. is a betting site based in India and the market for cricket out there is huge, people bet on cricket like nothing else. With the sponsorship plan, the long-term goal is to expand the Shank Wakefield business out to India. You can bet that we’ll make this happen by 2080!”


“The work of Shank Wakefield has been outstanding. We can bet on them to cut our overhead spending and to reduce our emissions to come in accordance with government targets. For visitors to our Headingly site, there is a recycling incentive for those that like cricket betting. We have set up a recycling point behind the car park that people can use to drop of waste and claim a free betting slip on the game of the day they attend.”


“Shank Wakefield have been absolutely brilliant in changing the entire focus of our service to a much greater go-green attitude and it’s actually been at a saving rather than a cost. We have cut the cost of energy at Lord by about 17% and we are now investing in grass recycling schemes that will help reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides. We set up a new incentive with Shank Wakefield for those that like to bet during the games. A new cricket betting kiosk that supports free cricket betting to those that recycle their waste at our ground’s facility. It’s been a huge success so far.”

Sophia Gardens

“With the help of the Shank Wakefield service, we have not only incorporated a whole new lighting system, but also installed solar panel roofing, making us one of the first major sporting stadiums in the UK with this renewable source. We also incorporated the new Recycle to bet scheme Shank Wakefield has with their partner For those with an interest in cricket betting, supporters can recycle at our new facility and get a free betting slip in the event of the game or enjoy free cricket betting online with a special promo bonus code.”

Trent Bridge

“The Shank Wakefield disposal service has changed many aspects of the Trent Bridge ground. From installing better energy saving lights to fitting in our own waste disposal plot for fans to use. We are looking to better our services with the new greener features that Shank Wakefield provides.

We installed our own recycling plot that is a reward scheme for those that wish to bet on cricket can recoup a free bet on the days event or get a promo pass for online cricket with the Shank Wakefield partners who are number one in cricket betting in India.