Strategic Waste Disposal Partner

Shanks Recycling Service aims to provide clients with flexible and secure waste management services. The aim of our company and practice is to provide our honoured clients with competitive and flexible waste management that, as a service for disposable waste is 100% committed to facilitating recycling were possible.

First, or company worked with Co2 Sense in 2011 and the company went on to received EU support around our first waste vehicle purchase Since, we have continued growing and expanding our operation. Further investment came in 2013, that helped us to have a large number of modernized and specialized collection vehicles.

Shanks Recycling has been an ambition and dream for the team involved and is proud of our first-class service. As part of our business, we have a dedicated and professional customer support team that are based in the mighty city of Leeds and always look to recruit to the team, the best local drivers that can be trained to ensure we continue to provide professional services while working locally.

What our business plans offer:

Shanks Recycling offers our customers and clients flexible and innovative approaches to the management of waste both in the UK and in America. As a business we fully understand the importance of having dependable customer service support and meet look to meet the challenges knowing that each one of our special customers has specific needs and requirements.

Waste disposal

Our team, offices and main plant in based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The services provided cover a wide range disposable options and not limited to certain materials. Ranging from shopper trash bags to wheeled baskets. We have the capability of rear loaders (REL), and front loaders (FEL) with the addition of roll-on ramps to ensure that no matter the task at hand or requested all requirements are there to make the job suitably fitted for your business.

Garbage collection

Our business model is simple, and we do not act as brokers. We will collect your waste and go through the treatment of recycling with our fleet of vehicles.

Recycling waste

Shanks Recycling understands fully, the importance providing economical effective services along with the best sufficient recycling rates possible. Separate from our commercial waste collection or our collection services, we are able to also offer total recycling services. We are able to collect recyclable mixtures, which include food scraps and glass items through our unique collection of vehicles.

Shanks Recycling is fully registered with the EU Environmental Protection Agency meaning we are a licensed waste carrier and is also able to send maintenance and/or delivery notices for all waste transfers which ensures that your company is compliant with all UK, EU and  relevant International environmental laws.

More information and procurement of our services, can be found by contacting us today and you can claim a free waste inspection – 0846 55 55 985 or you can email us at: [email protected]

Business Disposal management Service

Shanks Recycling specialises in full client Commercial Waste Management. This takes place throughout West and North Yorkshire; we are also able to deal with overseas shipment of waste for recycling purposes.

From our humble depot here in Leeds, we operate and manage a 7-day week service and we can advise and assist you with regards to the most cost-effective solution when dealing with your waste and recyclable materials.

All our business routes are specially optimised to cut on Co2 emissions, this means we are able to make collections out in Harrogate, Bradford, Wakefield, and Leeds multiple times throughout the week.  We are also able to service Huddersfield, Brighouse, and Halifax.

Increasing recycling levels as a business will help to reduce your company’s carbon footprint which lead to many money savings.

Food Waste

On the rise is Food Waste collections. This is becoming increasingly popular and thankfully we are in the position to help.  If your company is associated with Food Waste, you could benefit from the off-set by separating the food waste from your general waste.

This could save your business money, but as all food collected it is then taken to one of the few Anaerobic Digestion plants here in the north where the waste is then used to produce sustainable energy.

Mixed Recycling

At our modern Mixed Recycling plant, services includes Cardboard, Paper, Plastic Bottles, Food Tins, Drinking Can and lots more. These materials can all be placed into your Mixed Recycling Container provided by us.

Once collected, the material will be sorted inside of the Materials Recovery Facility at our site, where they will become 100% recycled.

Glass Recycling

The recycling of Glass important because the numbers make glass bottles expensive to ship-off to landfill because of their weight. At Shanks Recycling we can collect your disposable glass bottles from numerous outlets such as Restaurants, Clubs, and Pubs. We will ensure that they are recycled 100%, thusly, helping your company to save money all at the same time.